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We have covers for our pianos in the following materials.

Dust Cover in Brown or Green,
CH142 = £100, CH159 = £110, CH183 = £120

PVC Cover in Black,
CH142 = £110, CH159 = £120, CH183 = £130

Heavyweight Cotton, waterproofed in Blue,
CH142 = £150, CH159 = £170, CH183 = £200

Heavyweight Cotton, waterproofed with fleece lining in Black or Tan,
CH142 = £210, CH159 = £240, CH183 = £270

Thick padded transit cover in Black, £350 all sizes


Strong, manoeuvrable and safe. These aluminium trollies are widely used by the piano trade and removal specialists throughout the world.

Thick rubber front and top buffers provide complete protection, whilst 8" rubber tyred bearing wheels make for ease of movement.


This inexpensive humidifier is an answer to excessively hot or dry air. These conditions are commonly caused by modern central heating systems and the results are often that the piano goes out of tune, wrestpins loosen, joints can split etc. They are simple to maintain and offer a high degree of protection for all pianos.

The heat is distributed evenly along the entire length of the tube. This is both safe and effective.

25W with wall to wall fixings, £47.00

Dampp Chaser Grand Piano Installation

Free Standing. The dial is edged with brass and set in a clear perspex plate which adjusts for angle on a shaped brass base.


Accurate and easy to use. A memory function recalls and displays the minimum and maximum readings since last reset.


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